Me in 15 Seconds

Hi, my name is Nancy Winters

  • I’m the founder of Blog Financial Liberty Finally.
  • I’m an entrepreneur, internet marketer, wall decal online store owner, creator and a SAP Security Analyst.
  • I started  my online store in  2011. The journey to freedom has been, at times, (fucking) hard. But I’ve loved every damn second.
  • I live on the south shore of  Montreal, in Quebec, Canada.
  • I love learning  new technologies.
  • I’m a creative.
  • I’m fascinated by fonts (weird, I know), it is why I have created so many wall decal designs.
  • I love minimalist design, and I’m constantly striving to simplify further.
  • I am crazy in love with Chihuahuas, I have 5! haaaa I can hear you saying REALLY ?? Answer : yes, I am not joking… You can visit my Best Pet Care Facebook page if you are curious to see them 🙂

My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by awakening their minds about their greatness that resides in them. I want to help people who have the will to learn and take control of their financial freedom.

I’ll tell you stories, I will inspire you and make suggestions on a variety of topics.

I’m glad you’re part of my new adventure

Looking forward to talk to you

Nancy Winters