Writing down your goals is a way to visualize them and make them real for
your subconscious mind. This is a powerful yet simple exercise that assists
you in picking the right goals that are worth putting effort, without needing
any external assistance. For this exercise, all you require, is a pen, paper and
30 -45 minutes of your valuable time.

1. Write down everything that you would like to accomplish in life on a
piece of paper. Maintain a clear mind and do not get distracted easily.
Just write down the goal no matter how insignificant it may seem.
Uninterrupted brainstorming will give you around 20 and 30 goals on
your list.

2. After you have finished, keep the list aside until the next morning and
continue with your other chores of the day. Get yourself prepared for
the next day. Subconscious mind will work on it through that time.
3. Pick up your list, the next morning. Read the first statement in the list
and think about how to achieve it and how will accomplishing that task
give you happiness?

4. Listen to the first spontaneous thought, the one which comes from the
heart is usually the right one. If you think the task is achievable put a
“+” next to it. However, if you aren’t clear or impressed about the task,
put a “–” next to it. Repeat the same procedure for all of the other

5. Keep repeating this exercise every morning for about 15-20 days. Keep
your opinion independent of other factors like continuity.

6. After 20 days, you should have a list with 20 “+” and “-“ assigned to
each task. Pick around 3-5 goals with the most + and put a star next to
them. You should concentrate on these goals, as these are the ones
whose accomplishment will bring you the greatest kind of fulfillment.
The rest of your goals may not be worthy of your time immediately but
need to be accomplished after the core goals.
Through this exercise, you have now set goals, which require your immediate
attention. Focusing on them will give you satisfactory results.