Goal setting is a life skill, which plays a crucial role in the betterment of life.
Nevertheless, over 97% of people all over the world fail to set goals or
simply do not know how to do so effectively. You need to understand that
goal setting has the ability to affect every aspect of your life, be it personal
aspects like punctuality and discipline or professional aspects or interpersonal
relationships. In recent studies, it’s been proven that, less than 3% of
adults have a clear understanding of their goals and respective achievements.

This is why we need to look at the importance of setting goals. Why do you need
to set goals? Goal setting can be practically defined as the art and science of
going from your present to a position of your liking in the
future. Goals are crucial in life processes, since if you lack control and clear
understanding of your life, you would end up following others orders and
jump on the bandwagon instead of doing your own thing. This could result in
you leading an unfulfilled life, running away from opportunities and shying
from responsibilities.

The amazing thing about goal setting is that it gives you the opportunity to
choose your own menu of life. With respect to goal setting, when you do not
set goals, you will just be going with the flow instead of having something
laid out that you can follow. It’s our responsibility to make the most of what
life gives us and this is only possible through goal setting. Actually, goal
setting has been known to be more accurate when compared to other practical

In addition, goal setting is important in the pursuit of happiness. As per the
infamous pleasure-pain principle, we human beings as species are always
inclined towards what’s good for us. There are two ways about this; we hope
for happiness to come to us or we identify a possible outcome and match our
way towards it. The latter is what we do in goal setting. It helps us regulate
our lives, and provides direction for the pursuit of happiness.